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A brief biography

LUCA PALMIERI was born in Roma, Italy on September 30th 1976. His parents, his mother from Roma and his father from Puglia, moved to Crotone and go back to Roma before settling in Avellino, in 1980, where he attended local accountancy and computer programming school.

During his studies he did different jobs, such as computer lab technician, local basketball team's mascotte, web designer and Microsoft user's guide translator. After a terrible university start, attending computer science and economics he joined the Italian Air Force changing different barracks located around Italy. As volunteer, during summer '98 he joined a peace mission in Israel.

Unstoppable traveller, usually solo traveller, with the desire of walking and see, he begun to collect travel memories, great experiences like the USA and Ireland ones, and photo-shots that time by time reached a good quality and audience: his friends and his family, and, slowly, people who started to know his jobs. One of his photos has been published in a photo contest in the States and another one on a magazine in Brazil.

Waiting for his own photo exhibit, where he's going to show all his reportages that time by time he collected, Luca Palmieri publishes on the net his photo archives with hundreds of pictures...and promises to keep on travelling, taking pictures, sorting and publishing them on this web-site.

On June 30th 2003 he graduates at University of Urbino, bachelor of Languages and Economics matter. He spends 2004 in Cork, south of Ireland, working for Starwood, a luxury hotels and resorts company, where he meets the beautiful Lucia, who becomes his girlfriend, and since 2005 they have been living together in Spain: a short period in Barcelona, and finally Valencia, working for an international transport company.

He loves trains, the sun, the road and friendship. Photography and writing. He loves noisy crew and quiteness, crazy and interesting people. Creating is one of his skills. One day he would like to become a photographer, a real photographer...and dreaming is another thing he loves to do.

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